Singing BRAC with Joe Glazer

Joe Glazer COLL01924

Founded in a cigar shop in 1899 by 33 members, the Brotherhood of Railway and Airline Clerks or BRAC represents 46,000 members in what is now known as the Transportation Communications International Union. Joe Glazer,"Labor’s Troubadour" sings some of the most famous songs of the railroad, including "Joe Hill" in celebration of BRAC’s 75th anniversary. The album premieres "Talking BRAC," a song written by Glazer especially for this occasion that chronicles the history of this powerful organization. The Seldom Scene, Washington D.C.-based bluegrass legends, are the backing band for many tracks.

Year Released 1975
Record Label Collector Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2006 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1975 Collector Records
Genre(s) American Folk; Bluegrass
Country(s) United States
Language(s) English

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101 Talking BRAC Joe Glazer and Seldom Scene 4:34
102 Daddy What's A Train? Joe Glazer 3:16
103 Casey Jones Joe Glazer 2:11
104 Many A Man Killed On The Railroad Joe Glazer 1:08
105 Union Train Joe Glazer 2:56
106 Solidarity Forever Joe Glazer and Seldom Scene 2:33
107 This Train's A Clean Train Joe Glazer and Seldom Scene 2:14
108 Danville Girl Joe Glazer 3:35
109 Pat Works On The Railroad Joe Glazer 2:18
110 The Ballad Of Eugene Victor Debs Joe Glazer 3:43
111 That's BRAC Joe Glazer 1:57
112 We Shall Not Be Moved Joe Glazer and Seldom Scene 2:51
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