Jewish Life: The Old Country

Jewish Life: The Old Country

Various Artists FW03801 / FG 3801

When Eastern European Jews immigrated en masse to the United States in the 1880s and ’90s fleeing Czarist oppression and poverty, they brought with them a body of secular folk songs. Sung in Yiddish by men and women who came here from five villages (with English translations and explanations), this recording archives a lost way of life.

"Israeli Song and Dance for Middle or High School Ensembles"

Year Released 1958
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1958 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Judaica
Country(s) Belarus; Lithuania; Poland; Russia; Ukraine; United States; USSR (former)
Culture Group(s) Jewish; Jewish-American
Instrument(s) Fiddle
Language(s) Yiddish
Subject(s) Ballads; Chants; Complaint; Crime; Dance; Games; Hymns; Jewish; Laments; Love songs; Lullabies; Military music; Music--Juvenile; Occupational; Patriotic songs; Poetry; Protest songs; Religious; Satire; Song without words; Street songs; Topical songs; Weddings; Wit and humor; Working class--Songs and music

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101 Am Kodoysh A Man born in Glina, Galicia 0:28
102 A-A Lyu Lyu A woman, born in Zhitomir, Russia, to a baby 0:44
103 In a Shtetele Pityepoy A woman born in Warsaw 0:38
104 Cheder-boy's Taunts - Taunts from Galicia A man born in Galicia 0:38
105 Vi azoy s'iz nisht git tsu geyn A woman born in Czernowitz, Bessarabia 1:53
106 Henich's vayb / Of azoy neyt a Shnayder - This Is How a Tailor Sews A second woman born in Czernowitz, Bessarabia 0:44
107 Hob ich mir a Shpan - I Have a Coach A woman born in Ivia, Lithuania 2:02
108 A Redele iz di gore Velt A man, born in Bershad, Ukraine 1:46
109 A Shadchen darf men Kenen Zayn - A Matchmaker's Trade Is a Special Skill A woman born in Tomashpil 1:30
110 Vos vilsti Mutter hobn? - What Do You Want from Me Mother? Ruth Rubin 1:22
111 Indroysn iz Fintster - It Is Dark Outdoors A man born in Grodno, Lithuania 1:50
112 Fun groys dasad - In Great Pain A women born in Lithuania 1:34
113 Ich lig unter Grattes - I Lie Behind Bars A man born in Grodno, Lithuania 2:05
114 Kadril - Quadrille A woman born in Grodno, Lithuania 1:28
115 Betler Lid - Beggar Song A man born in Poland 1:15
201 Chassidic Tune A man born in Poland 2:20
202 Husiatiner Melody A man born in Lodz, Poland 0:42
203 Chassidic Hopke A man born in Poland 1:12
204 Az Moshi - ach vet kumen - When the Messiah Comes Ruth Rubin 3:14
205 Zog mir mein Shvester - Tell Me My Sister A woman born in Chotin, Bessarabia 1:06
206 Vos shloft ir, ir Shlefer? - Why Do You Slumber, You Sleepers? A woman born in Lithuania 1:11
207 Di Mashines klapn - The Machines Are Clattering Ruth Rubin 0:47
208 Ver es hot in Blat gelezn - Oh Have You Read in the Newspapers? A man born in Vilna, Lithuania 2:35
209 Fraytik Inderfri - Friday Morning A woman born in Czernowitz, Bessarabia 0:43
210 Zayt mir gezint, Chovertes ole - Farewell, All My Friends - The Bride's Farewell A woman born in Chotin, Bessarabia 1:56
211 Forn forstu fun mir avek - You Are Leaving Me Ruth Rubin 1:39
212 Five Wedding Tunes on a Fiddle A "badchen" (wedding entertainer) from Galicia 2:25
213 Shlof mayn Kind mayn Treyst mayn Sheyner - Sleep My Child My Lovely Comfort (Words by Sholem Aleichem) A woman born in White Russia 3:02
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