Ghana: Children at Play: Children's Songs and Games

Ghana: Children at Play: Children's Songs and Games

Ivan Annan FW07853 / FC 7853

Album producer Ivan Annan writes about the importance of children’s play in African culture in the liner notes to this release. He observes that not only is play a time of fun, it is also a time for learning, friendship, and love. Equally important, play involves adult participation. The liner notes and vocal tracks provide instructions for game activity. For example, in the song “Kwaa Ni Kwaa Ni,” participants learn to play a game similar to “Hide and Seek.” Liner notes include an introduction by Dr. William Kolma Amoaku, PhD (1940–2012) (identified in the liner notes as Dr. Amo Aku).

Year Released 1976
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1976 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Children's; World
Country(s) Ghana
Subject(s) Music--Juvenile; Storytelling; World music

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101 Tse Tse Kule Ivan Annan 3:16
102 Timi Timi Nyamale Ivan Annan 2:57
103 Pete Pete Ivan Annan 2:16
104 Namo Yeleawui Ivan Annan 2:33
105 Abaa Ee Ivan Annan 3:27
106 Taa Taa Tee Ivan Annan 2:46
107 Jama Ivan Annan 4:50
201 Nuu Ko Heh Nyontsele Mi Ivan Annan 3:27
202 N'su Fa Mio 'Su Fa Ivan Annan 3:11
203 Osibi Ivan Annan 3:02
204 Namo Ye Leh Awui #2 Ivan Annan 4:27
205 Si Si Mbom Ivan Annan 3:56
206 Kwaa Ni Kwaa Ni Ivan Annan 4:30
207 Nyontse Le Ne Dze Ivan Annan 2:30
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