Initiation and rain songs from the Tswana-speaking Ngwaketse of Botswana

Various Artists ILAMTR109A

Year Released 1959
Record Label I.L.A.M.
Source Archive International Library of African Music (ILAM)
Genre(s) World
Country(s) Botswana
Culture Group(s) Ngwaketse
Instrument(s) Ensemble leader; Vocals, group
Language(s) Tswana
  • Hugh Tracey - Compiler; Liner Notes Editor; Liner Notes; Recorder

101 Maolo di phepa Keilediwe Modise leading group of middle-aged and elderly Ngwaketse men 1:39
102 Pula Large group of Ngwaketse men and women 3:40
103 Kgomo tsa ga Mme Korabo Morapane leading large group of Ngwaketse men and women 1:49
104 Sekokodia pula wee Large group of Ngwaketse women 3:04
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