The Ancient Shepherd Pipes

The Ancient Shepherd Pipes

Hillel Ilka Raveh FW08724 / FW 8724

Israeli -raised Hillel Ilka Raveh plays the chalil, an ancient Middle Eastern instrument also known as the shepherd's pipe. He constructs the instruments from reeds he gathers himself at the Jordan River; Pete Seeger learned to play on one. The 16 tracks include "Negev Blues," "Samurai Song," and "Quiet Village."

Liner notes include a brief biography of Hillel Ilka Raveh.


El israeli Hillel Ilka Raveh toca el Chalil, un antiguo instrumento de Oriente Medio también conocido como la gaita del pastor. Él construye los instrumentos de las cañas que reúne él mismo en el Río Jordán; Pete Seeger aprendió a tocar uno. Las dieciséis pistas incluyen ”Negev Blues,“ ”Samurai Song“ y ”Quiet Village.“ Las notas incluyen una breve biografía de Hillel Ilka Raveh.

Year Released 1975
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1975 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Judaica; World
Country(s) Brazil; China; Israel; Japan; Poland
Culture Group(s) Jewish
Subject(s) World music

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101 Night Galilee Hillel Ilka Raveh 2:31
102 Twilight Hillel Ilka Raveh 2:48
103 Coo Coo Song Hillel Ilka Raveh 1:20
104 Quiet Village Hillel Ilka Raveh 2:17
105 Mountain Landscape Hillel Ilka Raveh 3:20
106 Negev Blues Hillel Ilka Raveh 3:36
107 What a Beautiful Day Hillel Ilka Raveh 2:00
201 The Fields in the Valley Hillel Ilka Raveh 2:40
202 The Legend of the Sea of Galilee Hillel Ilka Raveh 2:00
203 Meditation Hillel Ilka Raveh 3:25
204 Samurai Song Hillel Ilka Raveh 2:16
205 They Have Good Land Beyond the Mountain Hillel Ilka Raveh 1:14
206 They Can Smile Over the Dreams Hillel Ilka Raveh 1:59
207 Brasileros (Villa Lobos) Hillel Ilka Raveh 3:52
208 Sea of Galilee Hillel Ilka Raveh 2:28
209 Dream (Robert Schumann) Hillel Ilka Raveh 2:37
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