Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women

Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women

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Powerful living music from Native women in the United States and Canada includes performances rarely heard beyond these artists’ communities. Ceremonial and social songs traditionally sung by women, other music now performed by women, and material that combines traditional and contemporary themes and musical forms. Thirty-four selections present a seamless range of solo, choral, and instrumental pieces, forming pulsating and driving music, the heart of Indian Country. "A majestic offering." — Entertainment Weekly.

"American Indian Music: Navajo Culture"

Ulali Perform "Mother"

Year Released 1995
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 1995 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) American Indian
Country(s) Canada; United States
Culture Group(s) Apache; Assiniboine; Athapascan; Cherokee; Cree; Dakota; Iroquois; Karuk; Kiowa; Navajo; Ojibwa; Oneida; Seminole; Shasta; Taos Pueblo; Tewa; Tuscarora; Warm Springs; Wasco; Zuni
Instrument(s) Drum; Flute; Guitar
Subject(s) American Indian; Aztecs--Music; Folksong revival; Iroquoian Indians--Songs and music; Maya; Storytelling

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101 Mother Earth The Six Nations Women Singers 1:37
102 Bingo Song The Six Nations Women Singers 1:37
103 Ho Way Hey Yo The Six Nations Women Singers 1:35
104 Fish Dance Song Joanne Shenandoah 1:06 Not Available for Download
105 I May Want a Man Joanne Shenandoah 3:55 Not Available for Download
106 Taos Courting Flute Song Lillian Rainer 1:20
107 Lakota Flute Song Georgia Wettlin-Larsen 1:17
108 Ojibwa Love Charm Song Georgia Wettlin-Larsen 1:17
109 Ojibwa Love Song Georgia Wettlin-Larsen 1:54
110 War Mothers' Song Anita Anquoe George 1:47
111 Bunny Hop Dance Mary Ann Meanus and Verbena Green 1:12
112 Stick Game Song Mary Ann Meanus and Verbena Green 1:36
113 Navajo Riding Song Lillian Rainer 2:17
114 Let 'em Talk The Sweethearts of Navajoland 2:22
115 One Woman's Man The Sweethearts of Navajoland 2:54
116 Lizard, His Song Nancy Richardson 1:42
117 Panther, Her Song Nancy Richardson 1:22
118 Kick Dance Song Nancy Richardson 1:16
119 Spotted Fawn Dance Nancy Richardson 0:52
120 The Mice and the Bad Angel Betty Mae Jumper 0:39 Not Available for Download
121 Turtle's Song to the Wolf Betty Mae Jumper 0:44
122 Glitter Nights Geraldine Barney 5:46
123 Tsidii-Bird Geraldine Barney 1:24
124 Honor Song for an Older Sister Poldine Carlo 1:43
125 World War II Honor Song Poldine Carlo 1:10
126 Blessing Song Cornelia Bowannie and Arliss Luna 3:27
127 Ange'in Tewa Indian Women's Choir 3:20
128 Holy, Holy, Holy Tewa Indian Women's Choir 1:32
129 Beautiful Mansion in the Sky Betty Mae Jumper 1:06
130 Hallelujah Betty Mae Jumper 1:12
131 Going Home Ulali 4:46
132 Mother Ulali 2:52
133 Northern Lights Crying Woman Singers 3:47 Not Available for Download
134 Starwalker Buffy Sainte-Marie 3:01 Not Available for Download
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