Sephardic Folk Songs

Sephardic Folk Songs

Gloria Levy FW08737 / FW 8737

The Jews of Spain were given a stark choice in the year 1492: convert to Catholicism or go into exile. Those that left Spain (“Sephardic” comes from the Hebrew word for Spain) scattered to various Mediterranean countries, where the Ladino they spoke incorporated elements of the local languages. Gloria Levy’s parents, from Alexandria, Egypt, and Izmir, Turkey—both Ladino speakers—moved to New York City, where Gloria was born. Gloria learned the songs on this recording from her mother, who also provides the mandolin and tambourine accompaniments, while Gloria sings and artfully plays the guitar. Most of the songs are love songs sung in Ladino. Liner notes provide background information plus the song lyrics and their translation.

Year Released 1958
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1958 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Judaica
Country(s) Egypt; United States
Culture Group(s) Jewish
Instrument(s) Mandolin; Tambourine
Language(s) Arabic; English; French; Italian; Ladino
Subject(s) Jewish; World music

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101 Quando Veyo Hija Hermoza (When I See a Pretty Girl) Gloria Levy 1:14
102 Durme Hermoza Donzeya (Sleep Lovely Maiden) Gloria Levy 2:45
103 Yo Se un Mansevo del Dor (I Am a Very Modern Young Man) Gloria Levy 1:22
104 Dame La Mano (Give Me Your Hand) Gloria Levy 2:50
105 La Vida Do Por el Raki (I'd Give My Life for Raki) Gloria Levy 2:20
106 En Este Mundo (In This World) Gloria Levy 2:09
107 Fel Sharah Canet Betet Masha (Walking Down the Street) Gloria Levy 1:57
108 A Tan Alta Va La Luna (The Moon Climbs High) Gloria Levy 1:41
109 Morenica (Dark Beauty) Gloria Levy 2:15
201 A La Una (At One O'clock) Gloria Levy 2:04
202 Barmeenan! (Heaven Forbid) Gloria Levy 1:26
203 Minush Gloria Levy 1:44
204 Ven Hermoza (Come, Pretty Girl) Gloria Levy 0:50
205 Diz Y Ocho Años Tengo (I Am 18 Years) Gloria Levy 1:03
206 Tres De La Noche (Three O'Clock In the Morning) Gloria Levy 1:33
207 La Pastora (The Shepherdess) Gloria Levy 2:59
208 Arvolicos D'Almendra (Almond Trees) Gloria Levy 1:30
209 Esta Montana (This Mountain) Gloria Levy 1:33
210 Fidanico de Yasimin (Little Jasmine) Gloria Levy 1:51
211 Arvoles Yoran Por Luvias (Trees Cry For Rain) Gloria Levy 1:53
212 Galanica (Pretty One) Gloria Levy 1:35
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