George Hicks, Ragtime: Tickled Pink

George Hicks, Ragtime: Tickled Pink

George Hicks FW03165 / FS 3165

A young George Hicks turns out crisp ragtime, premiering pieces by William Rowland, Arthur Schutt and Mak Janza and playing pieces by Roy Bargy, Zez Confrey and Billy Mayerl.

"African American Music:Let’s Sing and Play Clapping Games"

Year Released 1983
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1983 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Jazz & Ragtime
Country(s) United States
Culture Group(s) Anglo-American
Instrument(s) Piano
Subject(s) Jazz; Ragtime

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101 Tickled Pink George Hicks 2:48
102 Sweet and Tender George Hicks 3:23
103 Jim Jams George Hicks 3:35
104 Pianoflage George Hicks 3:13
105 That Futuristic Rag George Hicks 2:46
106 Bluin' the Black Keys George Hicks 3:35
201 My Pet George Hicks 3:10
202 The Lion Tamer Rag George Hicks 4:41
203 Baltimore Todalo George Hicks 3:09
204 Town Talk George Hicks 3:03
205 Personality George Hicks 2:48
206 Virginia Creeper George Hicks 4:21
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