Folk Songs of Ontario

Folk Songs of Ontario

Various Artists FW04005 / FM 4005

This 1958 recording by Edith Fulton Fowke is a collection of folksongs from the province of Ontario sung by a myriad of traditional singers. Until Fowke began collecting these in the 1950’s, most had never been heard by a general audience. Though a large portion of the songs on this recording come from the Irish-Canadians of the Peterborough region, many other songs trace their influence back to American and British roots. These stirring compositions cover everything from lumber-jacking to murdering to the married life.

Year Released 1958
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1958 Folkways Records
Genre(s) World
Country(s) Canada
Culture Group(s) British-Canadian
Subject(s) Ballads; Courtship; Disasters; Folksong revival; Heroic tales; Laments; Love songs; Maritime; Marriage; Migration; Military music; Missionary music; Murder; Nature; Opera; Prison songs; Protest songs; Railroads; Topical songs; Tragic songs; Wit and humor

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101 The Poor Little Girls from Ontario Ethel Minifie 1:52
102 The Banks of the Don O.J. Abbott 1:33
103 Johnson's Hotel Geraldine Sullivan 1:54
104 The Murder of F. C. Benwell Lamont Tilden 1:52
105 The Murder of Maggie Howie Geraldine Sullivan 2:58
106 The Railroad Bay Martin Sullivan 2:01
107 The Hobo's Grave Tom Brandon 1:24
108 The Little Indian Maid Johnston's Hotel 2:02
109 The Indian's Lament - An Indian Sat in His Little Bark Canoe Geraldine Sullivan 3:06
110 Sally Greer Martin McManus 3:17
111 The Twelfth of July Tom Brandon 2:23
201 The Weaver Mrs. Jack Keating 3:01
202 The Golden Vanity (Child No. 286) Joe Kelly 4:22
203 A Fair Maid Walked in Her Father's Garden Mrs. William Towns 4:43
204 In Bristol There Lived a Fair Lady - In Bristol There Lived a Fair Maiden Jimmie Hefferman 4:42
205 How Cold These Winds Do Blow - The Wintry Winds Mrs. Jack Keating 3:34
206 Mary of the Wild Moor Lotys and Letys Murrin 2:39
207 The Bold Privateer Tom Brandon 1:51
208 General Wolfe Margaret Ralph 2:21
209 What is the Life of a Man Any More Than the Leaves? Mrs. William Towns 2:53
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