Folk Music of Hungary

Folk Music of Hungary

Various Artists FW04000 / FM 4000

As one of the great devotees and collectors of folk songs, Béla Bartók visited villages throughout Eastern European countries such as Hungary and Romania in order to record local peasants on the spot, "in their natural environment." Nevertheless, for Folk Music of Hungary, which Bartók produced, peasants were brought to Budapest to be recorded at the Hungarian Broadcasting Company. His son Peter Bartók describes the recording as "a great event for these people who had never before seen the city." Hungarian Folk Songs features a capella singing as well as native instruments such as bagpipes and flutes. Liner notes include commentary by Peter Bartók, track notes by Henry Cowell, numerous pictures, musical notation, and translated lyrics.

Year Released 1950
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1950 Folkways Records
Genre(s) World
Country(s) Hungary
Subject(s) World music

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101 Come on Girls, To the Spinning House n/a 1:15
102 On the Sandy Bank of the Creek n/a 2:01
103 Beautiful is the Spring n/a 2:09
104 I Live on the Brink of the Theiss River n/a 1:53
105 The Cemetery's Gate Female Hungarian singer 1:44
106 Clouds Are Gathering Female Hungarian singer 1:15
107 I Pray to God Female Hungarian singer 1:48
108 Everlasting Love Female Hungarian singer 1:50
109 I Pray to God Hungarian musicians 1:37
110 Everlasting Love Hungarian musicians 1:27
111 They are Playing the Bagpipe Hungarian bagpipers 1:00
112 instrumental Hungarian bagpipers 1:07
113 instrumental Hungarian bagpipers 1:17
114 O Love, O Love Hungarian musicians 1:59
115 I Am a Prisoner Male Hungarian singer 1:28
116 Where Have You Been Siskin, This Night Female Hungarian singer 0:51
117 My Dog, Rajna Male Hungarian singer 1:05
118 On the Border of Baranya County Male Hungarian singer 0:54
119 On the Hoof of the Horse of Joe Francis Male Hungarian singer 1:03
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