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Feliz Navidad from Smithsonian Folkways

Christmas is a joyful time for family, friends, feasts, and contemplation. Following the Christmas spirit across oceans, deserts and mountains, “Feliz Navidad from Smithsonian Folkways” explores some of these themes throughout many corners of the Hispanic and Latino world. From South America to the Caribbean, Spain, and the United States, we explore various song forms, including villancicos, aguinaldos, bulerias, zambas, and arrullos, some region-specific, and others well-traveled. Likewise, instrumentation varies from solo voice to waltzing accordions, driving guitars to melancholic marimbas. Showcasing a diversity of musical heritage, these melodies and rhythms from Spanish, Amerindian and African origins often create stark contrasts. Still, the spirit of the season is always heard loud and clear. ¡Feliz Navidad!