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Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 3, No. 1)


Year of Recording
Record Label
Source Archive
101 Stop Richie Havens, Joe Hudson, John Amato, and Meagan Klein 2:45
102 Darcy Farrow Steve Gillette 3:34
103 Je Resterai Ici Gabriel Yacoub, Nikki Matheson, and Mark Dann 3:56
104 I Know John Gorka and Mark Dann 2:35
105 Heart on Ice Judith Zweiman, Tom Duvall, Mark McCaull, and Mark Dann 5:07
106 On a Winter's Night Willie Nininger and Mark Dann 3:07
201 Man With the Hired Face Rod MacDonald, John Kruth, Mark Dann, and Nikki Matheson 3:56
202 Skeleton Buddy Mondlock and Mark Dann 2:33
203 Cab Fare and Perfume David Ray and Mark Dann 3:48
204 Chiller Theatre Left Field 3:35
205 Baffin Bay Rosemary Kirstein and Judith Zweiman 5:50
206 Epiphany Dream Alan Atkisson, Chris Allinger, Chris Joannou, Judy Zweiman, and Bonnie Burns 3:25