Fast Folk: A Community of Singers and Songwriters

Fast Folk: A Community of Singers and Songwriters

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Fast Folk Musical Magazine helped jumpstart the careers of musicians such as Shawn Colvin, Steve Forbert, John Gorka, Lucy Kaplansky, Christine Lavin, Richard Shindell, Suzanne Vega, and many others. This double CD set comprises honest, intimate versions of their songs, available in retail stores for the first time! Guided by the venerable Dave Van Ronk, singer-songwriter Jack Hardy formed Fast Folk in 1982 in New York City. The dominant theme in the 100-plus Fast Folk Musical Magazine issues was an emphasis on the song rather than the singer—music for its own sake. It quickly became an important showcase for the new folk scene, which continued to flourish for nearly twenty years. By drawing on both the new wave and the old guard of American folk music, Fast Folk developed into a significant chapter in the history of folk music. Compiled and annotated by Richard Meyer, Jack Hardy and Jeff Place.

Year Released 2002
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2002 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) American Folk
Country(s) United States
Language(s) English

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101 American Jerusalem Rod MacDonald 5:58
102 What's Wrong with the Man Upstairs? David Massengill 4:38
103 Old Factory Town Gerry Devine 5:12
104 You Just Need a Home (Spotlight) Lucy Kaplansky 3:38
105 Another Time and Place Dave Van Ronk 4:31
106 I Don't Know Why Shawn Colvin 3:45
107 Geza's Wailing Ways John Gorka 3:53
108 Ragman! David Indian 4:03
109 High Times Tom Intondi 4:36
110 Don't Ever Call Your Sweetheart by His Name Christine Lavin 2:21
111 Where Were You Last Night? Frank Christian 4:19
112 Introduction to Corpo Gracile Germana Pucci 0:28
113 Corpo Gracile Germana Pucci 5:13
114 Kilkelly, Ireland Laura Burns & Roger Rosen 5:58
115 Introduction to The Viking Rag Erik Frandsen 1:32
116 The Viking Rag Erik Frandsen 2:37
117 Forget-Me-Not Jack Hardy 4:20
118 Vacation Ensemble 2:42
201 Gypsy Suzanne Vega 4:16
202 Thirty Thousand Men Steve Forbert 4:31
203 Margaret Frank Tedesso 4:04
204 Share the Failure Elaine Silver 2:56
205 Bourbon as a Second Language Patrick John Brayer 3:47
206 King of Hearts Paul Kaplan 4:10
207 Heart on Ice Judith Zweiman 5:04
208 The Courier Richard Shindell 5:00
209 By Your Eyes Wendy Beckerman 3:22
210 Danton Lillie Palmer 4:27
211 Long Black Wall Michael Jerling 4:27
212 Railroad Bill Andy Breckman 3:32
213 Gravedigger Richard Julian 3:18
214 January Gold Richard Meyer 5:11
215 Disenchanted Eric Wood 4:37
216 Raphael Hugh Blumenfeld 3:35
217 Your Face Louise Taylor 3:18
218 Crazy Horse Josh Joffen & Late for Dinner 3:19
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