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Video 01 High Quality
01: Artemio Posadas demonstrates son huasteco dance and performs it with Los Camperos de Valles at the 2005 Festival.
02: Los Camperos de Valles demonstrate the instrumental and vocal techniques of son huasteco.
03: Los Camperos perform "El gusto."

Los Camperos de Valles
El ave de mi soñar: Mexican Sones Huastecos

recording details

El aguanieve (The Mist)
El caimán (The Alligator)
El zacamandú
El caballito (The Pony)
El triunfo (The Triumph)

Los Camperos de Valles.

Closeup of Artemio Posadas, musician, lyricist, and producer. Photos by Daniel Sheehy, Smithsonian Institution.