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from Sunny Day, the new album by Elizabeth Mitchell

Sunny Day Available October 5th

On October 5th, Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower will release Sunny Day, their second Smithsonian Folkways album of "handmade" music of the finest kind, for folks of all ages.

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"I used to sing this with my students at the Roosevelt Island Day Nursery every day. Every day! They never got tired of it, especially the part where we would do a little switcheroo and they would sing the lead and I would sing "yes ma'am!" back to them. Now it's Storey's turn!"

— Elizabeth Mitchell, from the liner notes to Sunny Day

A true family affair, Sunny Day features performances with Mitchell's husband and musical partner, Daniel Littleton, their nine-year-old daughter Storey, and Storey's cousins and friends.

Guest performers include:

  • Levon Helm
  • Dan Zanes
  • Jon Langford (Mekons)
  • The Children of Agape Choir of South Africa

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