Bentley on Biermann: Songs and Poems of Wolf Biermann

Bentley on Biermann: Songs and Poems of Wolf Biermann

Eric Bentley FW05432 / BR S432

Poems by 20th-century German poet Wolf Biermann are preformed in English by the British-born American singer and playwright Eric Bentley. Biermann, born in Hamburg and a member of the Communist party, sympathized with East Germany, and moved there in 1953. Outspoken and occasionally critical of the Communist government, Biermann was in turn heavily criticized in the official Communist newspaper Neues Deutschland, which described his poetry as “anarchistic” and “politically perverse,” despite Biermann considering himself a “good” Communist being ruled by “bad Communists.” The liner notes of this 1968 album include a description of Biermann’s life, selected English texts, original German song and poem text, and news clippings.

Year Released 1968
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1968 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Drama; Historical Song; Poetry
Country(s) Germany
Culture Group(s) German
Instrument(s) Guitar; Vocals
Subject(s) Instructional; Protest songs; Spoken word; Theater; World music

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101 The Song of the Worst Thing Eric Bentley 1:09
102 Ballad of the Poet François Villon Eric Bentley 4:56
103 Ballad of the Letter Carrier William L. Moore Eric Bentley 5:09
104 The Barlach Song Eric Bentley 2:01
105 Nothing to It Eric Bentley 2:03
106 Comrade Julián Grimau Eric Bentley 2:12
107 Ballad of the Man Eric Bentley 2:44
108 Legend of the Soldier in World War III Eric Bentley 2:20
201 Ballad of Fredi Rohsmeisel Eric Bentley 3:49
202 Do Not Wait for Better Times Eric Bentley 3:21
203 Early Morning Eric Bentley 0:35
204 The Singers Inagural Address Eric Bentley 1:33
205 Toys Eric Bentley 0:47
206 To The Old Comrade Eric Bentley 3:12
207 Reckless Abuse Eric Bentley 2:53
208 Germany: A Winter's Tale Eric Bentley 3:04
209 December 1965, Question & Answer... Eric Bentley 1:59
210 Soldatenmelodie Eric Bentley 1:26
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