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This is Rhythm

Ella Jenkins SFW45028

Twelve songs that introduce basic rhythm instruments—wood and tone blocks, rhythm sticks, conga drums, maracas, and more—and teach youngsters to hear rhythms in everyday sounds. Includes Little Red Caboose, O Where O Where Has My Little Dog Gone?, Mexican Hand Clapping Song, and others. "A unique and exciting recording by an outstanding performer." —Lyons Elementary News

Year Released 1994
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 1995 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) Children's
Country(s) United States
Culture Group(s) African American
Instrument(s) Bells; Bongo; Conga (Drum); Cowbells; Gong; Guiro; Maraca; Sticks, Rhythm; Tambourine (Drum); Woodblock
Subject(s) Folk songs--United States; Folksong revival; Music--Juvenile

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101 Different Rhythms Ella Jenkins 6:30
102 Rhythm Instruments: Conga Drum Ella Jenkins 1:36
103 Rhythm Instruments: Bongos Ella Jenkins 1:21
104 Rhythm Instruments: Rhythm Sticks Ella Jenkins 0:50
105 Rhythm Instruments: Maracas Ella Jenkins 1:22
106 Rhythm Instruments: Guiro Ella Jenkins 1:19
107 Rhythm Instruments: Cow bell Ella Jenkins 0:55
108 Rhythm Instruments: Wood block Ella Jenkins 1:02
109 Rhythm Instruments: Tambourine Ella Jenkins 1:20
110 Rhythm Instruments: Plate Gong Ella Jenkins 0:44
111 Rhythm Instruments: Bell Tone of the Plate Gong Ella Jenkins 1:29
201 Rhythm Instruments: Bell Tones from Different Parts of the World Ella Jenkins 2:21
202 Let's Build a Rhythm Ella Jenkins 1:26
203 Hear That Train Ella Jenkins 1:06
204 Chicka Hank Ella Jenkins 1:19
205 This Train Ella Jenkins 2:24
206 Little Red Caboose Ella Jenkins 0:56
207 Where Has My Little Dog Gone? Ella Jenkins 1:14
208 My Dog Has Fleas Ella Jenkins 1:01
209 A Rabbit with a Flea Ella Jenkins 0:38
210 Winter Ella Jenkins 1:16
211 Mexican Hand-Clapping Song Ella Jenkins 1:19
212 In Trinidad Ella Jenkins 1:36
213 These Bones Shall Rise Again Ella Jenkins 1:34
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