"Peace Like a River" by Elizabeth Mitchell and Suni Paz at the Ralph Rinzler Memorial Concert

The life of Kate Rinzler was celebrated on July 9 with lively performances by two Smithsonian Folkways recording artists, Elizabeth Mitchell and Suni Paz. Mitchell, who has recorded two albums for Smithsonian Folkways, made her Festival debut, while renowned Argentinean songwriter/singer Suni Paz, who recorded several albums for Smithsonian Folkways, returned to the Festival after many years. In this video, they perform “Peace Like a River” from Mitchell’s 2006 album You Are My Little Bird.

Related Album You Are My Little Bird

Year Released 2011
Catalog Number CFV10369
Duration 2:49
Agent(s) Elizabeth Mitchell; Suni Paz
Country(s) Argentina; United States
Genre(s) Children's
Instrument(s) Guitar; Violin; Vocal Group; Vocals
Language(s) English
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