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Creole Songs of Haiti

FW06833 / FP 6833 / FW 6833

Year of Recording
Record Label
Source Archive
101 Soleil (The Sun) Emerante de Pradines 2:51
102 Manman'm Voye'mpote Cafe (My Mother Sent Me to Carry Coffee) Emerante de Pradines 1:55
103 Legba Na Console (Legba We Console Ourselves) Emerante de Pradines 1:44
104 Cimalo Emerante de Pradines 1:50
105 Song to Ogoun Emerante de Pradines 2:38
201 Papa Simbi Voye'm Cherche Dleau (Papa Simbi Sent Me to Find Water) Michele Dejean Group 2:33
202 Dodo Ti Pitit Manman (Sleep Little Mother) Michele Dejean Group 2:27
203 Bonsoir Dames (Good Night Ladies) Michele Dejean Group 1:58
204 Ca'q'a Recevoir Moin? (Who Will Receive Me?) Michele Dejean Group 3:34