Classic Old-Time Fiddle from Smithsonian Folkways

Classic Old-Time Fiddle from Smithsonian Folkways

Various Artists SFW40193

Old-time fiddler Jake Krack and Folkways archivist Jeff Place compiled and annotated this collection of vintage Southern Appalachian string band music from the Smithsonian archives. Clark Kessinger, Wade Ward, Tommy Jarrell, Marion Sumner, Gaither Carlton, Eck Robertson, Melvin Wine, and many more old-time fiddle masters play their signature sounds from the heart of Appalachia. 32 page booklet. 76 minutes.

"A New Day for Old Time Music from the South"

Year Released 2007
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2007 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) Old Time
Country(s) United States

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101 Pretty Little Girl with the Blue Dress On Doug Wallin 0:59
102 Sugar Hill Tommy Jarrell with Frank Bode 3:42
103 Sally in the Garden J. D. Cornett 0:32
104 Sally in the Garden Marion Sumner 0:48
105 Muddy Roads Gaither Carlton with the Watson Family 1:22
106 Won't Come Until Morning Greg Hooven 1:50
107 Wenesday Night Waltz Clark Kessinger 3:03
108 Dance All Night Arthur Smith with the McGee Brothers 2:31
109 Give the Fiddler a Dram Bill Hicks 1:52
110 Little Brown Jug Joe Thompson 1:28
111 Black Eyed Susie Tracy Schwarz and Mike Seeger 1:53
112 Snowbird Ross Brown 0:48
113 Ain't Gonna Rain No More Hoyt Ming and the Pep Steppers 1:32
114 Cacklin' Hen Roy Pope and the Carolina Homeboys 1:31
115 Old Joe Johnny Warren with the Nashville Grass 1:48
116 Old Man Below Gaither Carlton 1:32
117 Unnamed Tune John W. Summers 2:02
118 Beaumont Rag David and Billie Ray Johnson 3:03
119 Richmond Blues Fred Price with Clint Howard 1:32
120 Mississippi Sawyer Wade Ward 1:26
121 Bill Cheatham Buddy Pendleton with the Stony Mountain Boys 1:34
122 Red Bird Clark Kessinger 2:07
123 Johnson Boys Caleb Finch with the Iron Mountain String Band 2:19
124 Sally Goodin' Eck Robertson 3:36
125 Unnamed Tune Tony Alderman 0:52
126 Fine Times at Our House John W. Summers 3:10
127 Yew Piney Mountain Melvin Wine 1:53
128 Darling Cora Greg Hooven 2:28
129 Blackberry Blossom Charlie Higgins with the Buck Mountain Band 1:51
130 Kentucky Waltz David and Billie Ray Johnson 3:41
131 Lee Highway Blues Fred Price with Clint Howard and Doc Watson 1:41
132 Piney Woods Gal Tommy Jarrell with Frank Bode 1:20
133 Jenny on the Railroad Tracy Schwarz and Mike Seeger 2:03
134 Billy in the Lowground Buddy Griffin with Red Allen and the Kentuckians 2:48
135 Fisher's Hornpipe David and Billie Ray Johnson 3:26
136 Trombone Rag Clark Kessinger 2:34
137 Bonaparte's Retreat Mike Seeger 1:27
138 Carroll County Blues Gordon Tanner and the Skillet Lickers 2:14
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