Bosavi: Rainforest Music from Papua New Guinea

Bosavi: Rainforest Music from Papua New Guinea

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Two generations of Bosavi musicians and 25 years of field recordings: a comprehensive and intimate musical portrait of life in a Papua New Guinea rainforest community. Includes the contemporary music of the youngest generation of guitar band composers, and performances of many traditional everyday and ritual styles featuring their parents. Recorded and annotated by Steven Feld, producer of Voices of the Rainforest and author of Sound and Sentiment. Three CDs. 193 minutes. 47 tracks. 80-page booklet with photos and extensive notes. For further information about the community that created this music, visit the Bosavi Peoples Fund website.

Voices of the Rainforest recorded by Steven Feld

"The Jew’s Harp: Vibrating Through Many Cultures"

Year Released 2001
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2001 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) World
Country(s) Papua New Guinea
Culture Group(s) Bosavi
Instrument(s) Guitar
Subject(s) Ceremonial; Ritual music; Sound effects; Work songs; World music

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101 My Father, My Heart Kemuli String Band 3:20
102 Kemuli Kemuli String Band 2:30
103 Oh No! Kemuli String Band 2:29
104 What We Said Kemuli String Band 2:20
105 My Mother Kemuli String Band 3:04
106 Really Hungry! Lus Mangi Grin Neks String Band 4:55
107 Sadness Lus Mangi Grin Neks String Band 2:57
108 BBK Brother Difalasulu String Band 2:45
109 E-yo, E-yo Tasi Kabulo: String Band 3:02
110 Long Ago Gusuwa String Band 3:37
111 Father, Mother BVDC String Band 3:14
112 Where Has My Mother Gone? BVDC II String Band 5:00
113 Rosi, Rosi BVDC II String Band 3:26
114 Blue Mountain BVDC II String Band 3:10
115 Sorry, My Sister! You People Go! BVDC III String Band 3:29
116 Air Niugini Plane BBK String Band 3:04
117 One Time BBK String Band 2:41
118 The Sun Is Setting Gasali Mates String Band 2:57
119 My Sweetheart Gasali Mates String Band 3:43
201 A men's work group clears a new garden Fifteen working men 8:44
202 Ulahi sings while scraping sago pith Ulahi 4:38
203 Ulahi sings while making sago Ulahi 1:25
204 Fo:fo: and Miseme sing at their sago place Fo:fo:, Miseme 2:21
205 Ulahi and Eyo:bo sing with afternoon cicadas Ulahi, Eyo:bo 2:47
206 Ulahi and Eyo:bo sing at a waterfall Ulahi, Eyo:bo 6:20
207 Men's vocal quartet with seed-pod rattles Kulu, Gigio, Seyaka, and Kogowe 3:35
208 A large men's collective work group sing and whoop Bosavi men 3:21
209 Gaima plays the bamboo jew's harp Gaima 1:54
210 Voices of the forest: a village soundscape Bosavi village 25:06
301 Funerary sung-weeping group A weeping group 2:16
302 Funerary sung-weeping by Gania and Famu Gania, Famu 4:21
303 Funerary sung-weeping by Hane Hane 6:54
304 Seance gisalo song by Aiba with weeping Aiba 8:45
305 Ceremonial gisalo performed by Halawa Halawa 14:03
306 Group ceremonial drumming, ilib kuwo: Costumed, dancing drummers 9:26
307 Ceremonial ko:luba song-1 A:siya and Go:bo 2:29
308 Ceremonial ko:luba song-2 A:siya and Go:bo 1:58
309 Ceremonial ko:luba song-3 Amini and Mei 2:44
310 Ceremonial ko:luba song-4 Amini, Gaso, and chorus 1:35
311 Ceremonial iwo: song-1 Bosavi men 1:03
312 Ceremonial iwo: song-2 Bosavi men 0:54
313 Ceremonial iwo: song-3 Bosavi men 1:32
314 Ceremonial iwo: song-4 Bosavi men 1:12
315 Women's ceremonial iwo: song-1 Ulahi, Ea, Gania, and Gisa 1:49
316 Women's ceremonial iwo: song-2 Ea, Ulahi, Gania, and Gisa 1:50
317 Ceremonial sabio duet Wano, Gaso 3:30
318 Ceremonial sabio quartet Wano, Gaso, Gigio, and Sowelo 4:34
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