Bobby Susser Songs for Children

"I’ve known Bobby Susser most of my life. It turned out he was not only a gold glove shortstop but a masterful creator of children’s songs."
–Paul Simon

Bobby Susser Songs for Children, originally published between 1994 and 2012 by New Hope Records, is comprised of twelve albums of newly composed vocal and instrumental music, directed toward childhood’s universal development needs. Susser (b. 1942) began writing pop songs in the early 1960s, but soon realized an affinity and “talent for working with children, which he pursued from the 1970s onward. His all-original educational material is characterized by understanding and profound respect for young audiences (and parental needs). He received a Master of Arts, majoring in Communication Arts and Sciences and Early Childhood Education, from Teachers College, Columbia University, and has worked with a wide array of musicians, from The Drifters' late lead singer Ben E. King (d. 2015) to singer/songwriter Paul Simon.


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