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Blodeugerdd: Song of the Flowers - An Anthology of Welsh Music and Song


Year of Recording
Record Label
Source Archive
101 Y’deryn pur (Gentle Bird) Mary Hopkin 2:45
102 Estampie yr ehedydd (The Lark’s Estampie) Anne Marie Summers and Helen Wilding 4:03
103 Ym Mhontypridd mae ’nghariad (My Lover Is in Pontypridd) Ceri Jones 2:47
104 Tôn Cân Pensylvania (Pennsylvania Song Tune) / Hoff Fron (Fond Heart) John Morgan, Diarmuid Johnson, and Chris Grooms 5:29
105 Dod dy law (Put Your Hand) Linda Griffiths 1:48
106 Abergenni / Pont Caerodor Ceri and Catrin Ashton 4:05
107 Carol Plygain (Plygain Carol) Daniel Huws 5:25
108 Colli’r eos (Losing the Nightingale) Christine Cooper 4:28
109 Bedd f’anwylyd (My Lover’s Grave) Llio Rhydderch and Tomos Williams 7:05
110 Caru yn y coed (Courting in the Woods) / Cerdd y gog lwydlas (Cuckoo’s Song) / Lliw lili ymysg y drain (Lily among the Thorns) Cass Meurig and Nial Cain 6:06
111 Y gŵr a’i farch (The Man and His Steed) / If You Do Not Love Me, Go Climb a Tree Jo Cooper and Elin Lloyd 2:46
112 Y dyn meddw (The Drunkard) / Glân meddwdod mwyn (Sweet Mellow Drunkenness) / Coleg y Brifysgol Abertawe (University College Swansea) / Pibddawns gwŷr Wrecsam (The Men of Wrexham’s Hornpipe) Jem Hammond and Tom Scott 4:44
113 Hiraeth (Longing) Max Boyce, Christine Cooper, and Llio Rhydderch 3:05
114 Lisa Lan, Ffoles Llantrisant (Beautiful Lisa, Girl from Llantrisant) Julie Murphy, Sille Ilves, and Martin Leamon 5:33