Black Banjo Songsters of North Carolina and Virginia

Black Banjo Songsters of North Carolina and Virginia

Various Artists SFW40079

The sounds and social history of African American banjo playing—32 superb instrumentals and vocals, recorded between 1974 and 1997. Extensively annotated with performer's life histories, tunings, lyrics, bibliography, and discography. The banjo's gourd ancestors came to the Americas with enslaved Africans, forging the link between West African griots and performers of 20th-century blues and string-band music. 64 minutes.

Year Released 1998
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 1998 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) African American Music; Old Time
Country(s) United States
Culture Group(s) African American
Instrument(s) Banjo; Fiddle; Guitar; Vocals
Language(s) English
Subject(s) Banjo music; Blues; Folk songs--United States; Music--Appalachian Region, Southern.; String band

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101 The Coo Coo (Coo Coo Bird) John Snipes 1:15
102 The Coo Coo (Coo Coo Bird) Dink Roberts 2:12
103 Old Rattler (Fox Chase) John Snipes 2:47
104 Georgia Buck (Georgie Buck)(Never Let a Woman Have Her Way) Dink Roberts 1:03
105 Georgia Buck Joe and Odell Thompson 1:38
106 John Henry James Roberts 0:51
107 High Sheriff Dink Roberts 0:40
108 John Hardy Dink Roberts 1:06
109 Garfield Dink Roberts 1:23
110 Old Corn Liquor Dink Roberts 1:22
111 Old Corn Liquor Joe and Odell Thompson 1:11
112 John Henry Joe and Odell Thompson 2:20
113 Love Somebody (Soldier's Joy) Joe and Tommy Thompson 2:14
114 Long Tail Blue John Snipes 1:22
115 Ain't Gonna Rain No More John Snipes and Tommy Thompson 1:17
116 Going Where I've Never Been Before John Snipes 3:50
117 Black Annie Dink Roberts 2:19
118 Old Blue Dink Roberts 2:06
119 Going Away from Home (Take Care of My Wife and Child) John Snipes 3:55
120 You Don't Know My Darling John Snipes 1:19
121 Jaybird March Etta Baker and Cora Phillips 1:51
122 Going Up North John Jackson 1:50
123 Sugar Hill Homer Walker 2:27
124 Momma Don't Allow Irvin Cook and Leonard Bowles 2:02
125 Shortnin' Bread Leonard Bowles 1:49
126 Shortnin' Bread Lewis "Big Sweet" Hairston 1:58
127 Fox Chase John Tyree 1:12
128 Roustabout (Buffalo) Dink Roberts 1:24
129 Cookin' in the Kitchen John Snipes 1:51
130 Coo Coo Bird Rufus Kasey 4:44
131 Fox Chase Dink Roberts 4:22
132 Little Brown Jug Joe and Odell Thompson 1:28
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