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Beautiful Beyond: Christian Songs in Native Languages


Year of Recording
Record Label
Source Archive
101 Comanche Hymn Members of Petarsey Church (Comanche) 2:14
102 Comanche Hymn Members of Petarsey Church (Comanche) 1:48
103 Kiowa Prayer Song Dorothy Whitehorse Delaune (Kiowa) 0:39
104 Kiowa Hymn Members of Cedar Creek Church (Kiowa) 2:33
105 Kiowa Hymn by Goomdah Members of Rainy Mountain Church (Kiowa) 2:55
106 Cheyenne Hymn Moses Starr, Creg Lee Hart (Southern Cheyenne) 2:43
107 Lord Have Mercy (from Tewa Mass) Tewa Women’s Choir (San Juan Pueblo) 1:14
108 Lord I Call St. Herman’s Seminary Octet (Yup’ik) 0:56
109 Having Beheld the Resurrection St. Herman’s Seminary Octet (Yup’ik) 1:21
110 Blessed Be Thy Name St. Herman’s Seminary Octet (Yup’ik) 0:47
111 Ke Aloha O Ka Haku: Lili’uokalani’s Prayer Nalani Olds (Native Hawai’ian) 1:56
112 Ho’onani Nalani Olds and Mauliola Aspelund (Native Hawai’ian) 0:50
113 Silent Night Kykotsmovi Hopi Mennonite Church Choir 2:15
114 On the Beautiful Beyond Oneida Hymn Singers 3:09
115 In the Sweet By and By Ojibwe Hymn Singers 2:04
116 Rock of Ages Maisie Shenandoah, Liz Robert, Joanne Shenandoah (Oneida) 3:12
117 Twill Be Glory By and By The Martin Sisters (Mohawk/Six Nations Reserve) 3:00
118 Ise Iesos Sewenniio (Wedding Prayer Hymn) Kathleen Thompson (Mohawk/Akwesasne Reserve) 2:45
119 Takwaienha (The Lord’s Prayer) Akwesasne Mohawk Singers 2:49
120 Wonderful Place Cherokee Choir 1:41
121 Orphan Child Cherokee Choir and Cherokee National Youth Choir 2:36
122 That Heavenly Home The Kingfisher Trio (Cherokee) 2:26
123 Believing and Praying Margaret Mauldin (Creek) 2:40
124 Sinners Can You Hate the Savior? Choctaw Community Singers 2:39
125 Jesus Made the Road Betty Mae Jumper (Seminole) 1:15
126 At the Cross Nancy and Mark Brown (Eastern Band Cherokee) 1:32
127 Guide Me, Jehovah Walker Calhoun (Eastern Band Cherokee) 2:34
128 Heavenly Home The Long Family (Eastern Band Cherokee) 2:51
129 On the Jericho Road Saved by Grace Choir (Navajo) 3:30
130 Amazing Grace Saved by Grace Choir (Navajo) 1:32
131 Sweet Hour of Prayer TeecNosPos Gospel Melody (Navajo) 3:04
132 Jesus Loves Even Me Steve Emery (Cheyenne River Sioux) 1:46
133 Communion of the Saints Cheyenne River Mountain Singers (Sioux) 2:59