Background Music for Home Movies, Vol. 2

Background Music for Home Movies, Vol. 2

Various Artists FW06111 / FX 6111

With an increasing popularity for making Home Movies comes a need for suggested background music, here collected in 1964. As the liner notes describe: “A moving-picture, whether it is of the professional or the home-made variety, needs special background music to bring it to life.” The music, very much in the style of Hollywood film music from that era (60s), is all orchestral compositions, and is presented in “moods” such as infectious “Bistro Time” or majestic “Skies and Mountains” etc. Liner notes include tips on how to edit your film to include music, with descriptions of each track and what sort of “action” it might best apply to.

Year Released 1965
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1965 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Sounds
Country(s) United States
Subject(s) Motion picture soundtracks; Popular music--United States

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101 Travel: Flat Spin n/a 2:37
102 Scenic: Skies and Mountains n/a 2:49
103 Continental: Bistro Time n/a 2:50
104 Intimate: Theme for Patricia n/a 2:08
105 Romantic: Cinderella Dreams n/a 2:05
106 Dramatic: World without End n/a 3:05
107 Metropolitan: Step on It! n/a 2:42
108 Religious: Yearning n/a 1:25
109 Sports: Empire Games n/a 2:50
201 Bright Movement: Shopping Spree n/a 2:51
202 Home: Lullaby of the City n/a 3:17
203 Western: Western Twilight n/a 2:43
204 Latin Flavor: Tipica n/a 1:31
205 Humorous: The Fat Man n/a 2:36
206 Carefree: Happy Go Lucky n/a 1:57
207 Lonesome Trail: Sunset Trail n/a 1:17
208 Gentle Movement: Merrily Along n/a 2:50
209 Fashions: Penthouse Affair n/a 2:12
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