Haiti: Ki Sa Pou-N Fe? (What is to Be Done)

Haiti: Ki Sa Pou-N Fe? (What is to Be Done)

Atis Indepandan PAR01031

This is an album of Haitian protest songs released in 1975 during the repressive reign of Jean-Claude (“Baby Doc”) Duvalier. The songs are performed by Atis Indepandan (“independent artists” in Haitian Creole), a New York–based group that plays in a traditional Haitian troubadour style with influences from contemporary American folk music and Brazilian tropicália . Their lyrics bear a strong socialist message. Liner notes include a brief history of Haiti and the impact of American neocolonialism in that country, a short biography of Atis Indepandan, and full lyrics in English and Haitian Creole.

Year Released 1975
Record Label Paredon Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1975 Paredon Records
Genre(s) Caribbean; Historical Song; Struggle & Protest; World
Country(s) Haiti
Language(s) Haitian French Creole
Subject(s) Political ballads and songs; Protest songs; World music

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101 Kamarad (Comrades) Atis Indepandan 3:09
102 Mesi (Thank You) Atis Indepandan 2:14
103 Gade Mache Ti Peyi Mouin (Look What's Going On!) Atis Indepandan 3:10
104 M-Anvi Chante Peyi-M (Singing of My Country) Atis Indepandan 3:26
105 Papa-M Monte Oun Bato (My Father Left on a Boat) Atis Indepandan 5:33
106 Ti Fi-A (Hey, Little Girl) Atis Indepandan 3:58
201 Dodinin (Rocking) Atis Indepandan 3:11
202 Oun Jou Konsa (One of These Days) Atis Indepandan 2:37
203 Mize, La (Misery) Atis Indepandan 3:36
204 Bel Pale (Speak to Me) Atis Indepandan 3:27
205 Let Damou (Love Letter) Atis Indepandan 2:29
206 Ki Sa Pou-n Fe? (What is to Be Done?) Atis Indepandan 4:16
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