Anthology of Portuguese Music, Vol. 1: Tras-Os-Montes and Vol. 2: Algarve

Anthology of Portuguese Music, Vol. 1: Tras-Os-Montes and Vol. 2: Algarve

Various Artists FW04538 / FE 4538

Trás-os-Montes, a province in northeastern Portugal, has remained relatively isolated from the rest of Europe, allowing for what American musicologist Kurt Schindler called "the most grandiose survival of medieval music," including the preservation of the gaita de foles (Portuguese bagpipe). The province has also been a refuge for Portuguese Jews and their folk traditions for hundreds of years. Vol. 1 of the Anthology of Portuguese Music continues the quest for the region’s unique multiethnic sounds, featuring a multitude of haunting a capella recordings of harvest songs, sung prayers, secular ballads, and ritual dances with castanets, bombo (bass drum), and other instruments endemic to the region.

In contrast, the Algarve region in southern Portugal is a popular tourist destination. Musical influences from Morocco and Andalusia are audible in the stray bended notes, even though the sounds are distinctively Portuguese. These recordings originate from several small villages in the region and were carefully chosen by musicologist Fernando Lopes Graça for their folkloric authenticity. They range from religious ballads, lullabies, and holiday songs to more well-known forms like the corridinho (a joyful dance).

Year Released 1962
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1962 Folkways Records
Genre(s) World
Country(s) Portugal
Instrument(s) Bagpipe; Bass drum; Flute; Pandeiro (Drum); Panpipes; Tambourine (Drum); Triangle (Musical instrument)
Subject(s) Religious; World music

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101 Alvorada (Aubade) Manuel Aires 3:15
102 Conde Ninho, O: Harvest Song Albino António Gonçalves and Francisco Machado 1:21
103 Manhaninha De. S. João: Religious Ballad Maria Pires and Carlos Gonçalves 2:07
104 Agora Baixon o Sol: Threshing Song Albino António Gonçalves and Francisco Machado 1:09
105 Viste lá o Meu Amado: Excerpt from Passion Play Maria Teresa dos Reis Sevivas and Teresa de Jesus Reis 2:32
106 Murinheira: Transmontana Dance Carlos Gonçalves, Maria Pires Gordilha, and António Martins Peleias 2:03
107 Dona Ancra: Traditional Ballad Nerida da Purificação Juan 3:54
108 Deus Te Salve, Rosa: Pastoral Ballad Florinda Rodrigues 1:34
109 Faixinha Verde: Threshing Song Júlia Barreira 1:35
110 Li-La-Ré: Song Maria Pires Gordilha 1:48
111 Valdevinos: Harvesting Song Florinda Rodrigues and Alberto Gomes 1:33
112 Dona Filomena: Ballad Ana do Rio 1:59
201 Malva, Malveta: Threshing Song Amélia Afonso and João Barreira 1:15
202 A Mal-Casada: Threshing Ballad Florinda Rodrigues 1:46
203 Perdigão, O: Threshing Song Francisco Machado 1:56
204 Galandum: Dance Song n/a 0:48
205 Vinte-Cinco: Dance of the Sticks n/a 2:54
206 Mineta: Spinning Song Júlia Barreira 1:27
207 Encomendação das Almas: Religious Chant José Manuel Martins 1:37
208 Cantilena da Pedra: Stone-Loaders Song António Valdemar Correia da Silva 1:31
209 Bendito: Prayer Song Francisco Rodrigues 2:46
210 Ró-Ró: Lullaby Justina de Jesus Igrejas 1:46
211 Redondo: Pastoral Dance José da Igreja 2:59
212 D. Fernando: Romance-Ballad Ana do Rio 2:47
213 Dá-Lá-Dou: Shepherd's Song Dinora Fernandes and Ana do Rio 1:50
301 Leva, Leva!: Fisherman's Song n/a 4:08
302 Dona Mariana: Ballad Adélia Rosado 4:49
303 Baile Mandado José de Sousa 1:18
304 Oração do Probezinho: Religious Ballad Ana Custódia 2:45
305 Despique: Challenge Song José Vitorino 1:08
306 Oração de Santo António: Religious Ballad Deolinda Branco Pereira 1:26
307 Dom Varão: Romance-Ballad Adélia Rosado 3:07
308 Excelências da Virgem, As: Religious Song Ana Custódia 1:30
309 Janeiras: New Year's Carol José Nunes Fernandes 1:44
310 Ai-O-Linda!: Song José Ventura 2:00
401 Oração das Almas: Prayer for the Dead (Carol) Manuel José Domingues and Manuel José da Eira 3:10
402 Deus Te Salve, ó Rosa: Pastoral Ballad Adélia Rosado 2:39
403 Três "Cavalheiros", Os: Religious Ballad Ana Custódia 2:10
404 Corridinho (I): Dance Melody José de Sousa 1:40
405 Salvé-Rainha: Antiphony to the Virgin Manuel Grade Natal 2:24
406 Laurinda: Romance-Ballad Mariana Vitorino 3:02
407 A Confissão da Virgem: Religious Ballad Deolinda Branco Pereira 1:46
408 Cativo, O: Romance-Ballad Anastásia Maria 1:28
409 Corridinho (II) n/a 1:41
410 Faça Ai, Ai, Meu Menino: Lullaby Maria da Conceiçâo Pacheco 2:07
411 Boas-Festas: Christmas Carol Maria da Conceiçâo Lima and Júlia Castro Fernandes 1:58
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