Anthology of Central and South American Indian Music

Anthology of Central and South American Indian Music

Various Artists FW04542 / FE 4542

"At one time the area or Central and South America was the home of diverse Indian cultures and civilizations ranging from the nomadic hunters of Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia, to the river and forest peoples of the Amazon, to the military empires of the Andes and Central Mexico, to the theocratic states of southern Mexico and Guatemala. Many of the peoples that once inhabited these lands today are extinct or on the verge of extinction. Others have been assimilated into the dominant European culture and have given up the traditional ways. Perhaps the largest number though have remained, almost if in historical limbo, conquered but not assimilated..."
Alan Lazar

"Hubo un tiempo en el que el área de Centro y Sur América fue el hogar de varias culturas indígenas: comprendía a los cazadores-recolectores de Tierra del Fuego y la Patagonia, a los pueblos que habitaban los ríos y selvas del Amazonas, a los imperios militares de los Andes y el centro de México y a los estados teocráticos de Guatemala y el sur de México. Muchas de las culturas que una vez habitaron estas tierras están hoy extintas o en el camino de extinguirse. Otras han sido asimiladas dentro de la cultura europea dominante y abandonado sus prácticas tradicionales. Pero quizás la mayoría ha permanecido en una especie de limbo histórico, conquistados pero no asimilados..."
Alan Lazar

Year Released 1975
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1975 Folkways Records
Genre(s) American Indian; World
Country(s) Argentina; Bolivia; Brazil; Chile; Ecuador; Mexico; Peru; Venezuela
Culture Group(s) Aymara; Campa; Cayamura; Chol; Chuj; Huichol; Ixil; Kraho; Ona; Quechua; Shipibo; Shipibo-Conibo; Shuar; Tarasco; Tzotzil; Yaqui; Yecuana
Subject(s) American Indian; World music

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101 Pascola Dance n/a 2:43
102 Deer Dance n/a 2:24
103 Squash Dance n/a 1:29
104 Harvest Dance n/a 1:44
105 Danza de los Viejitos: Juanzucuarecua n/a 2:41
106 Abajeño a la Juventud n/a 1:27
107 Real Song n/a 3:09
108 Good Friday Music, Music to el Senor de Fila n/a 2:26
109 Baile de las Canastas n/a 2:06
110 Festival Music n/a 2:18
201 Morning Choir and Soloist n/a 2:02
202 Social Choir n/a 5:46
203 Sacred Flutes of the Urua Ceremony n/a 1:58
204 Girl's Puberty Rite n/a 1:31
205 Feather Song n/a 2:03
206 War Music n/a 1:17
207 Animal Sacrifice Music n/a 1:51
208 Tsanta (Shrunken Head) Song n/a 1:21
209 Curing Ritual n/a 1:16
210 Party Song n/a 1:57
211 Fertility Chant n/a 1:13
212 Welcoming Music n/a 1:35
301 Quechua-Cuzco-Huayno n/a 1:32
302 Quechua-Q'eros-Festival of Santiaga n/a 2:32
303 Quechua-Collas-Sirvinakuy (trial marriage) n/a 2:54
304 Quechua-Collos-Tinka (libation to animals) ceremony n/a 2:23
305 Quechua-Huancalli-Shepherd's Flute n/a 1:48
306 Quechua-Cuzco-Inti Raymi (festival to the Sun) n/a 7:27
307 Quechua-Pisac-Conch-shell Blowing n/a 5:36
308 Quechua-Ayacucho-Yaravi n/a 4:32
401 Quechua-Canas-Pampa Hash (agricutural fertility) festival n/a 0:34
402 Aymara-Lake Titcaca-Los Jilacatas (appointment of headmen) n/a 2:38
403 Aymara-Tarabuco-Fertility ceremony n/a 2:15
404 Aymara-San Lorenzo-Quena Music n/a 1:37
405 Aymara-Chile-El Floreo n/a 2:02
406 Selk'ham-Tierra del Fuego-Whale Chant n/a 3:40
407 Selk'ham-Tierra del Fuego-Arrow ordeal chant n/a 2:26
408 Song of the Condor n/a 2:33
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