"Burrakatha : Koluvaya rajanudu "

Anjanappa and accompanists ARCE00013_102

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Album Narrative Traditions of Karnataka

Translated Title Burrakatha Excerpt from the Kamboji Raja Katha. Episode -The King is now in court.

Burra katha is a part of the katha tradition of oral narratives. It concerns several historical and mythological themes. It is normally performed by a husband and wife team. The story is narrated first as verse and is then sung. This song describes the arrival of the King of Kamboji at his court. The king is childless though of he has great wealth and power.

Disc Number 1
Track Number 2
Duration 3:29
Country(s) India
Culture Group(s) Jogi; Jangama
Language(s) Telegu
Subject(s) Burra Katha