O' Canada: A History in Song

O' Canada: A History in Song

Alan Mills FW03001 / FP 3001

Chants of the Inuit, ballads of French settlers, battle tunes of the British, and songs of Canadian self-rule: singer Alan Mills combines all four to present a rich tapestry of Canadian history in music. Extensive liner notes with full lyrics accompany this collection, which comprises the first half of Folkways FW03001, Canada’s Story in Song.

Year Released 1956
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1956 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Historical Song; World
Country(s) Canada
Culture Group(s) British-Canadian; French Canadian; Inuit; Iroquois
Language(s) English; French
Subject(s) Adunke; Ballads; Carols; Chants; Courtship; Disasters; Freedom songs; Heroic tales; Holiday; Laments; Lullabies; Maritime; Marriage; Military music; Narratives; Nature; Patriotic songs; Political ballads and songs; Protest songs; Sea songs; Topical songs; Tragic songs; Wit and humor; World history; World music

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101 Eskimo Chant - Weather Incantation Alan Mills 0:49
102 Iroquois Lullaby Alan Mills 0:33
103 A Saint-Malo, beau port de mer Alan Mills 1:52
104 Vive les matelots! - Long Live the Sailors! Alan Mills 2:15
105 The Huron Carol - Jesous Ahatonhia Alan Mills 3:47
106 Petit rocher - Little Rock Alan Mills 3:10
107 Tenaouich' Tenaga, Ouich'Ka Alan Mills 1:22
108 La Courte paille - The Short Straw Alan Mills 3:02
109 Bold Wolfe - The Siege of Quebec Alan Mills 3:22
110 Le Sergeant Alan Mills 1:13
111 Come All Ye Bold Canadians - War of 1812 Alan Mills 2:23
112 The Chesapeake and the Shannon Alan Mills 1:59
113 Un Canadian errant - A Wandering Canadian Alan Mills 2:28
201 Anti-Fenian Song - Tramp, Tramp, Tramp the Boys Are Marching Alan Mills 1:17
202 No More Auction Block For Me Alan Mills 3:08
203 Anti-Confederation Song Alan Mills 1:47
204 Pork, Beans and Hard-Tack Alan Mills 3:40
205 The Maple Leaf Forever Alan Mills 2:47
206 O Canada! - Oh Canada English words by R. Stanley Weir Alan Mills 2:09
207 La Rose blanche - The White Rose Alan Mills 1:51
208 The Franklin Expedition Alan Mills 1:28
209 The Little Old Sod Shanty Alan Mills 2:31
210 Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie Alan Mills 2:53
211 Old Grandma Alan Mills 1:53
212 Saskatchewan Alan Mills 2:38
213 When the Ice Worms Nest Again Alan Mills 1:23
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