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Carnegie War Mothers' Chapter (Kiowa) Veterans Songs

Track Artist Carnegie War Mothers
Duration 5:08

American Warriors: Songs for Indian Veterans


Year of Release
Record Label
Source Archive

101 War Paint / Soldier Boy Black Lodge Singers 4:08
102 In the South the Birds are Flying Eniwube 1:48
103 Lakota (Sioux) Little Bighorn Victory Songs Edgar Red Cloud 5:02
104 Carnegie War Mothers' Chapter (Kiowa) Veterans Songs Carnegie War Mothers 5:08
105 World War I & II Black Lodge Singers 4:14
106 Canadian (Lakota) Flag Song Sioux Valley Singers 3:44
107 American (Lakota) Flag Song Fort Kipp Sioux Singers 4:01
108 Four Hochunk (Winnebago) Service Songs -- Army Winnebago Sons of Baraboo 3:13
109 Four Hochunk (Winnebago) Service Songs -- Navy Winnebago Sons of Baraboo 4:43
110 Four Hochunk (Winnebago) Service Songs -- Marines Winnebago Sons of Baraboo 4:19
111 Four Hochunk (Winnebago) Service Songs -- Air Force Winnebago Sons of Baraboo 3:04
112 Menominee Vietnam Veterans Song Smokeytown Singers 7:12
113 Indian Boys from Desert Storm Black Lodge Singers 4:34