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Corrido de César Chávez

Track Artist Los Perros del Pueblo Nuevo
Duration 3:02

Classic Protest Songs from Smithsonian Folkways


Year of Release
Record Label
Source Archive

101 Freedom Now Chant Mass-meeting participants in Hattiesburg, Mississippi 0:26
102 Jesus Christ Woody Guthrie 2:37
103 Bourgeois Blues Lead Belly 2:18
104 Black, Brown, and White Bill Broonzy 2:42
105 Baby, I’ve Been Thinking (aka Society’s Child) Janis Ian 2:41
106 Blowin' in the Wind The New World Singers 2:28
107 This Land Is Your Land Steve Forbert, Jack Hardy, Jill Burkee, and Mark Dann 4:39
108 Turn, Turn, Turn Liz Getz 3:04
109 As Long as the Grass Shall Grow Peter La Farge 5:07
110 Talking Pay TV Phil Ochs 2:34
111 Masters of War Bergerfolk 4:07
112 Waist Deep in the Big Muddy Pete Seeger 2:57
113 Agent Orange Song Peggy Seeger 3:51
114 Strange Fruit Brother John Sellers 2:20
115 How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live New Lost City Ramblers 3:34
116 I’m Going to Write the Governor of Georgia Champion Jack Dupree 3:13
117 When We Make It Through Barbara Dane 5:25
118 Evicted Tenant Sis Cunningham 2:06
119 Corrido de César Chávez Los Perros del Pueblo Nuevo 3:02
120 Gone, Gone, Gone Red Shadow, the Economic Rock and Roll Band 2:14
121 Spirits of the Revolution Larry Estridge 5:09
122 We Shall Overcome Guy Carawan 3:40