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Mole in the Ground

Track Artist Michael Cooney
Duration 4:46

Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 2, No. 7) Cafe Lena - 25th Anniversary Concert


Year of Release
Record Label
Source Archive

101 Mole in the Ground Michael Cooney 4:46
102 Texas Gals (Grey Cat on a Tennessee Floor) St. Regis String Band and Ed Lowman 2:30
103 Blue Heartland Michael Jerling 2:22
104 Sheet Rock the Baby's Room Tom Mitchell, Artie Traum, Tony Markellis, and Winnie Winston 4:42
105 Lakes of the Pontchartrain Carla Sciaky 5:36
106 Sweet Reunion Joan Kosby and Paul Mercer 3:38
201 The Hungry Dogs of New Mexico Happy and Artie Traum 5:16
202 West Rutland Marble Bawn Margaret MacArthur 3:32
203 Moonbow Jem Moore 4:46
204 Byker Hill Crossover 1:58
205 Somos El Barco (We are the Boat) Pete Seeger 7:28
206 Closing Remarks by Lena Spencer Lena Spencer 2:54