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All for Me Grog

Track Artist Louis Killen, Jeff and Gerrett Warner and Fud Benson
Duration 3:09

Classic Maritime Music from Smithsonian Folkways


Year of Release
Record Label
Source Archive

101 Roll Alabama Roll (The Alabama) The X Seamen’s Institute 3:04
102 Shenandoah The X Seamen’s Institute 3:31
103 Clear the Track and Let the Bullgine Roll Sam Eskin 1:37
104 Greenland Whale Fisheries Stuart Gillespie 2:16
105 Paddy Doyle’s Boots Alan Mills and the Shantymen 0:42
106 The Black Ball Line The Foc’sle Singers 1:04
107 The Sloop John B. The Dicey Doh Singers 2:14
108 Tommy's Gone to Hilo Stuart M. Frank 1:03
109 Lord Franklin The Gold Ring 2:17
110 The Handsome Cabin Boy Stuart Gillespie 2:28
111 Rio Grande The Foc’sle Singers 2:49
112 Run Come See The X Seamen’s Institute 2:46
113 Ten Penny Bit (Instrumental) Ellen Cohn 1:33
114 South Australia Stan Hugill 3:10
115 Haul Away Joe Lead Belly 2:54
116 Blood Red Roses Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, A.L. Lloyd and Chorus 1:39
117 All for Me Grog Louis Killen, Jeff and Gerrett Warner and Fud Benson 3:09
118 Haul on the Bowline The Foc’sle Singers 1:23
119 Bully in the Alley Morrigan 1:45
120 Chesapeake Born Tom and Mark Wisner 4:19
121 A Hundred Years on the Eastern Shore Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, A.L. Lloyd and Chorus 1:55
122 Dredgin' is My Drudgery Tom and Mark Wisner 2:32
123 Liverpool Judies (Instrumental) Stuart M. Frank 1:11
124 Santiano The X Seamen’s Institute, Lou Killen and Stan Hugill 1:48
125 Reuben Ranzo The X Seamen’s Institute 1:31
126 The Girls Around Cape Horn Tom Goux and Jacek Sulanowski 2:24
127 Adieu My Lovely Nancey Morrigan 2:25
128 The Dreadnaught Tom Sullivan 3:33
129 Married to a Mermaid Tom Goux and Jacek Sulanowski 1:36
130 Boney The X-Seamen’s Institute 1:12
131 Homeward Bound/The Old Slipper Shoe (Instrumental) Tom Sullivan 1:58
132 Homeward Bound Stuart M. Frank 2:31