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I Hae' a Wife o' My Ain / Brose and Butter / Dagshai Hills (medley)

Track Artist John A. MacLellan
Duration 1:40

Scottish Bagpipe Music


Year of Release
Record Label
Source Archive

101 I Hae' a Wife o' My Ain / Brose and Butter / Dagshai Hills (medley) John A. MacLellan 1:40
102 Cabar Feidh / Piper's Bonnet / Smith of Chillechassie (medley) John A. MacLellan 3:33
103 Lament for Colin Roy MacKenzie John A. MacLellan 14:47
201 The Pap of Glencoe / Maggie Cameron / John MacDonald's Reel (medley) John A. MacLellan 3:23
202 The Plains of Normandy / Smith's Old Wife / Dram Before You Go (medley) John A. MacLellan 3:42
203 Leaving Lunga / Abercairney Highlanders / Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque (medley) John A. MacLellan 5:04
204 Seann Truibhais / Haughts of Cromdale / Glengarry's March (medley) John A. MacLellan 3:29
205 A Coronach for John F. Kennedy John A. MacLellan 1:32
206 The White Cockade / Scotland's Welcome to the King of Norway / Braes of Tullymet / Reel of Tulloch (medley) John A. MacLellan 3:18
207 Farewell to the Creeks / Captain Oldfield's Welcome to Kilravock (medley) John A. MacLellan 3:04